Funding the Charm City Riot

Having a launch party and getting the word out to inform Carolina Panthers fans living in and around Baltimore was very important to the handful of us that have formed this group. We wanted to make sure that we found a bar with a Carolina connection that would allow us to hang our own memorabilia around the bar and truly make it our home. Lady Luck was with us one weekend when Amber found her way to Tin Roof Baltimore and metBretly. After Kevin and I met him to layout a plan, we were immediately sold on the idea that this would be our new home. Beth and Jeffrey have been incredible support throughout the process as well. We’ve now met as a group to watch a few games, enjoyed a launch party that attracted the attention of the Panthers administrative staff, raised our banner, hung a Kuechly jersey, and there are two other items on the way that should be here within the next week. There will be no denying that Tin Roof is the home of Carolina Panthers fans in Baltimore.

I’m going to cut this very long story short. All of this cost money out of my own pocket. The five of us agreed as a group that we would make everything happen and then split the cost among ourselves. Doing this right cost more than we had anticipated, so I am requesting that you please consider making a donation if Charm City Riot is your home away from home. The total cost of the event and memorabilia (mostly memorabilia) came to $200. Moving forward, we will have a small budget to work with. I’m asking that anyone that is willing to contribute reach out to me and let me know how much you’re willing to donate. Anything that is not covered through donations will be split by the leaders. If donation support is strong enough, I’ll make an announcement that we’ve met our goal and nothing else is necessary.

I have also ordered iron-on patches that should be here in time for Sunday. This is something I’ve done out of my own finances and will be reselling them at cost. $3 per patch, or two for $5. I’m placing an incentive on donations that anyone donating over $20 towards launch costs will get two patches out of my own pocket.

I’m not going to beat this to death. Aside from a reminder announcement before Sunday’s gathering, this will be the only post I’m going to make on this topic. I’ll also make an announcement at half time during Sunday’s game for the next two weeks. After that, I’m done.

Almost everyone said that they really enjoy having a place where Panthers fans can gather together and watch games while feeling at home. We’ve made it feel like a home, so please help take care of your new family.