Etched Glass Jersey Frame


JerseyFrame_02 JerseyFrame_03


We had a Kuechly jersey and we were willing to donate it to the bar for Pantherization. Yes, I just made up a word. Beth has a vinyl cutter, so we fed contact paper through the vinyl cutter and it created a stencil that we could adhere to the glass. Once adhered, air bubbles were smoothed out and Armour Etch (glass etching cream) was painted over the stencil. After a couple of minutes, it was rinsed with warm water and the stencil was removed.

Why go to this trouble? My favorite part of any Panthers jersey is inside the collar: KEEP POUNDING. You have to display the front of the jersey in order to show those words, so then you end up losing the player’s name. Through etching the name into the front of the glass, you can display your jersey facing forward and add another dimension to your display, completing the 3D effect of a shadow box.

The cost fo the jersey frame and jersey is going to be based on how well you shop around, but the etching cream should be $10-15. If you’d like to get a custom stencil made in a Panthers font, let me know and we can work something out. I’m honestly not posting these things in order to get rich; I’m trying to spread ideas and make sure they aren’t out of reach for anyone to spread the Panthers love.