One Riot Banner

OneRiotBanner_1 OneRiotBanner_2 OneRiotBanner_3 OneRiotBanner_4 Prowling Panther Left Prowling Panther Right

Projected the image onto a white canvas drop cloth from Home Depot. (Drop cloth appx. $10) Traced an outline of the image with crayons. Laid a regular tarp on the floor and then laid the drop cloth over it and went to town with the paint. Bought metal grommets from A.C. Moore for about $10 that I’ll be able to install myself with nothing more than a hammer. Home Depot sells official NFL colors through the Glidden paint brand. The paint codes are as follows, and each quart cost me just under $11.

NFL-170A – Carolina Black
NFL-170B – Carolina Blue
NFL-170C – Carolina Gray
NFL-170D – Carolina Silver


1) The paint can run through the canvas depending how thickly it is applied.

2) The only difference I could tell between Carolina Silver and Carolina Gray is whether you are referring to the fabric or the helmet color. I opted for Silver.

3) I’m going to use this as the outdoor welcome banner. My rule is that the panther will always face the entrance so that others can simply follow the panther to the party.

4) If you plan to publicly display an image such as this, please use your best judgment when it comes to letting local law enforcement know what the intention is. I’m going to hang this in downtown Baltimore, MD and you can bet on it that police will have a heads up first thing in the morning after shift change!

So, there’s the concept, design, and instruction for your enjoyment.