Roaring Riot Membership Drive

For those of you that have been holding out, it’s 4th and Goal with only one more play left on the clock.  We only have one more regular season game before it’s our time to shine in the playoffs. This message is important, so I’m going to get right to it. The Roaring Riot needs our non-members to join the movement!  The cost is $25 per year, and there are still reasons to join even though we are in the final week of regular season.  Standard membership benefits are listed below, but let me explain why it’s important that we continue our work during the off-season.

Momentum.  Roaring Riot has been such a giant success this year that it has registered nearly double its first-year goal of 1,000 members!  The Panthers organization as a whole has noticed, and they are doing their part to ensure that their fans have the best possible football experience, both on and off the field.

Activities.  Being a member will allow you to take part in activities year-round, not just during the season.  Your Roaring Riot chapter leaders have already been in talks about different events that we can organize during the summer!  Some ideas on the table are a beach weekend in the Carolinas, amusement park days, French Quarter takeover in New Orleans, draft parties, and player/personnel interaction.

Partnerships.  The organization has local and national partnerships with certain organizations, and Roaring Riot members receive discounts by showing their membership card.

Family.  We all started out as friends, but everyone in our chapter has grown to become family to each other.  Spending time away from your family can be good, but getting back together to have a great time is always enjoyable!

Opportunity.  There is only ever going to be one opportunity to get in on the ground level, and this is it.  Once the season is over, you can no longer buy the right to say, “I was in it from the beginning!”

Capitalize on this opportunity, so that you can help keep the momentum moving forward and join your family with participation at our off-season activities offered through Roaring Riot partnerships!
(I really didn’t think I was going to be able to pull that sentence off.)

2015 Roaring Riot Membership Benefits

  • Roaring Riot Member T-shirt

  • $25 off every FULL away game trip package and priority registration

  • Roaring Riot tailgate before all home games

  • Beer on the Roaring Riot tab at all Cans:Recycled home game parties starting one hour before the game while supplies last

  • Discounts at away game watch parties

  • Discounts at our partners’ establishments. 

  • Discounts at all Roaring Riot social events


For just pennies a day, you can help this cat feel the love that it desires.

For less than $2.25/mo, Sir Purr can stop taking hostages!

For $25/year, you can help Sir Purr live the life he deserves.
(*Pay no attention to the girl who looks terrified of Sir Purr.)

 ***Disclaimer: Sir Purr is not affiliated with The Roaring Riot. The Roaring Riot is not associated with the Carolina Panthers or the NFL.***