Finding Local Panthers Fans on Facebook

When trying to find other Panthers fans in your local community, it may help to use a combined search in Facebook.  Combined search means that you’re going to search the contents of one group for any tags that identify another group. I’m going to explain the entire logic, but I’ll also give you the “quick and dirty” way to get these results.

Full Explanation:

Facebook groups can be searched using the following URL formula:<group ID to be searched>/members/<PAGE ID of the city you are searching for>/residents/intersect.

The above URL tells to SEARCH the provided <GROUP ID TO BE SEARCHED> for all MEMBERS that publicly share <PAGE ID OF CITY> in the member’s RESIDENTS attribute and return the results.  INTERSECT is Facebook-speak for the AND command.  Facebook uses UNION for the OR command.

How do we get information relevant to Carolina Panthers?

We’re going to use two tabs to perform these tasks.  One tab will be used to search for your local city to identify it’s group ID.  The other tab will be used to copy/paste the group ID into the URL that we want to use.  We are going to focus on only searching the members of CAROLINA PANTHERS, the largest Panthers fan group on Facebook.  CAROLINA PANTHERS is assigned GROUP ID: 2204871496.  This group ID will never change, which makes your life easier because we’ve already filled in all of the variables except for one.

Copy this URL into one of your open browser tabs:<page ID of the city you are searching for>/residents/intersect

Now change to your second browser tab.

To get the group ID of the city we want to search for, type out the city/state in plain English in the Facebook search bar.  Click on the magnifying glass or press Enter to retrieve your results.  We’re going to help out our friend, Bryan, who wants to start a chapter in Honolulu, Hawaii.


While the results may show a few different categories, you want to make sure to select the city/state that is listed under PLACES.  Once you’ve identified the correct entry, click on it to open the page for the location.


You can see in the image below that the page has loaded with a string of numbers at the end of the URL.  These numbers are the Facebook-assigned Page ID.  Copy all of the numbers, but do not copy the forward-slash on either end.  (If the image below does not display clearly, you can click on it for a high-resolution image.)


Switch back to your other tab.  Replace <page ID of the city you are searching for> with the string of numbers that you just copied and then press Enter.


Your results should now display in front of you!  You’ll need to look through them line by line to see if they previously lived in the town you are searching for or if they currently reside there.  The hope is that we can identify people that grew up in the Carolinas that now live in close proximity to you so that you can then invite them to come to your watch party.  Please remember when you reach out to them that you should help them feel comfortable with what you are offering.  Most people will see this as a sales pitch, so I tell them right up front that we never charge a cover and all they will be required to pay for is their own food/drink.  Facebook’s Messenger app and the web application have both gotten better about notifying a user that they have a message request waiting to be seen, so I’ve been messaging people instead of adding them as friends.  It’s up to you as a chapter leader to know what will best reach your demographic.

Important Note: Remember that you searched for a specific city.  This isn’t a Google search and it won’t show you results that are close to what you searched for.  If you search for Charlotte, you are not going to see results from Rock Hill unless the user has also indicated Charlotte on their profile.  If you live in an area with a lot of surrounding suburbs, this process may take some time.  It’s up to you to determine whether or not it’s worth it to invest the time into building your chapter.