Our mission is quite simple – to grow and unite the largest contingency of Carolina Panthers fans across the world who enjoy gathering as a group to enjoy great events and show support for the team. #DoYouRiot? We encourage you to join a Roaring Riot Chapter.

Roaring Riot Houston Tailgate


Remember, it’s always FREE TO WATCH THE GAME at Tin Roof Baltimore! You’re only expected to pay for the food/beverage that you consume.

Roaring Riot has experienced some pretty tremendous growth, both in paid memberships and people joining our Facebook groups who are looking to be around fellow Panthers fans in their town. I want to take a minute and explain the paid membership benefits for anyone that’s joined the Facebook group and might not realize what $25 gets them for the duration of the season. Pay attention to the fact that $5 of every adult membership comes back to the chapter, and that’s how we can continue to make the game day experience more and more exciting! If you wonder how, just take a look at the cover photo above this post and know that’s what we accomplished in our first season.

Roaring Riot T-shirt for each member.
Individual or Family membership ID card.
Roaring Riot jersey patch.
Dedicated tailgate space at all home and away games. This includes food and beverage (beer!) Donations are encouraged and all money that is collected is donated to Cam Newton Foundation!
Discounts on away game packages.
Priority Registration for away game packages.
Ability to purchase tickets in the Roaring Riot block packages in order to unify the voice of the fans.
Exclusive access to exclusive events with Carolina Panthers players and staff.
Exclusive access to volunteer roles with our charitable causes, specifically the Cam Newton Foundation.
Be a part of the new culture of football fandom.
Develop lasting friendships with like-minded people that are spread throughout the world.

$5 of each membership is stored in an account for your chapter’s use. (This is a pretty big deal, as it will help your events become that much better. Maybe you want to host a Bojangles tailgate party. Maybe you want to purchase appetizers and host a recruitment event. The world is your oyster!)
25% commission from any Chapter-specific merchandise that’s purchased.
7 paid members unlocks Affiliate Chapter status and allows your group to use the Roaring Riot name,
25 paid members achieves Full Chapter status and allows your group to create a Roaring Riot nickname and identity that is unique to their location.
Power in numbers – get better deals at local bars/restaurants when you unite your business together to watch the game every week.
Inclusion and recognition through the national email distributions and social media outlets to help promote your group and draw a larger crowd.

Increased athletic ability as a result of the fans providing a unified voice from the stands.
Feeling welcomed wherever they go.
A motivated group of hardworking individuals that can help them further their charitable work for the communities.
A 15-1 regular season during the Roaring Riot’s first year in 2015.

You are a part of CHANGING THE CULTURE of football fandom. We’ve received high praise from many of our host venues. They are excited to work with us and eager to have our chapters return. They value how we can get loud and rowdy while still remaining polite and respectful. With so many fans of other teams acting in ways that make your stomach turn, it’s important for us to protect the image of the Roaring Riot, the Carolina Panthers, and the Carolinas as a whole. We can do our part by starting small and, before you know it, people will no longer be dragged out of a stadium in a headlock based solely on the team that’s on their jersey.

With all of that in mind, need we say more? Head on over to and decide which membership is right for you!